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We take pride in offering a unique selection of culinary tools that effortlessly combine functionality and aesthetics. Our flagship products, the Circular Natural Stone Mortar and Pestle, and the Concave Natural Stone Mortar and Pestle, are crafted with utmost care to enhance your cooking experience.


We are dedicated to providing you with culinary tools that enhance your cooking journey. Our Circular and Concave Natural Stone Mortar and Pestles reflect our commitment to quality, functionality, and aesthetics, ensuring that your kitchen experiences are nothing short of exceptional.



An Integrity for us is strong trust and honesty will lead to results and quality the good one. Consistency in Integrity is key for us to continue to be able to give best.


For us, quality is not only about how we can offer products and provide the best service, but quality for us too about the reputation we earned because it can serve with our honesty.


Our commitment is a promise and also firmness for a our decision to stay running a business, for provide service, quality and the best results for customers we.


We will continue to innovate for create, develop, and implement products, processes, and new services with the aim of keep up with industry developments and can win from all the competition too can get satisfaction from customers.


Circular Natural Stone Mortar

Crafted from polished natural stone, the circular model mortar and pestle seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics. Its perfectly round shape provides efficient grinding while adding an appealing visual element to your kitchen. The smooth and gentle surface ensures comfort during use and easy cleaning afterward.

Concave Natural Stone Mortar

Embodying a classic and elegant traditional feel, the concave design of this natural stone mortar and pestle offers both style and practicality. The deep concave shape provides ample space for efficient grinding and blending of ingredients. Carefully selected and meticulously carved natural stone creates a smooth yet authentically textured surface.


Handicrafts are artistic creations made by hand using various traditional techniques and materials. They encompass a wide range of items, from intricate textiles to delicate pottery, from ornate jewelry to beautiful wood carvings. Each piece of handicraft reflects the skill, creativity, and cultural heritage of its maker.


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